Anyone can learn the basic craft of songwriting, but we often have a voice in our heads saying “I’m not good enough.”

At Imagination Camp we are not only taught the elements of songwriting but also shown strategies that address negative self-talk that flames fear and self-doubt.

Ms Mo is a good teacher but perhaps her greatest gift is in helping people to believe in themselves. Her teaching philosophy levels the playing field because she believes we all have a creative offering to share with the world. Only you can write, draw, sing, express your unique truth. 

“…It wouldn’t have to be fancy words. It wouldn’t have to be a fancy tune. The fancier it is the worse it is. The plainer it is the easier it is, and the easier it is, the better it is—and the words don’t even have to be spelt right…” Woody Guthrie


Starting September 26th I will be offering a FREE SONGWRITING WORKSHOP for young people. We will write a complete song and record it with audio input (voice and sound effects) from the participants. Ms Mo will edit it and email an MP3 of complete song on the same day. Limited to 10 campers.


“I can’t even begin to tell you how highly I recommend this to you. Mo is a talented artist, a wonderful musician and an absolute joy of a person. An online Imagination Camp. What a fantastic idea! You can thank me later”      David Lindsay

“Austin’s Mo McMorrow is both a thoroughly original visionary and a disarmingly charming spirit whose music always seems to find the sweet spot between universal truth and rhapsodic wonderment.”  Gleason Booth, Lone Star Music Magazine

“Mo’s whimsical wonder has led to a depth of personal commitment, not only as a creator, but as a communicator. Any project that Mo begins leaves me excited about the invitation of what will arrive at the end.” Sara Hickman, State Musician of Texas

Songs and stories around the campfire.