In Austin, Texas on March 13th, we woke to a different world.

Some of my students struggled with the change. I did too… at first.

But I’ve always assured my students that good things can come from bad situations. Instead of getting lost in the emotions of an experience I invite them to “pause… take a breath… come back to the present and choose the next thought.”

I took my own advice and embraced what I could not change.

Through distance learning relationships with parents strengthened. Masks dropped (pun unintended!) Stories shared.

I used all the skills I have at my disposal; my music; my art; my storytelling. I was free to use my imagination and reach my students any way I know how. That is how the idea for Imagination Camp came to be.

I am NOT saying distance learning is preferred, but I have found some magic and some of my students really shone in this new type of undivided attention I was able to give them.

Private performance for one student struggling with distance learning.